Yes, Paleo is dangerous!

By: The Tribal Mama

September 4, 2014


I'm so tired of the fear mongering articles saying that paleo is "dangerous", yet can't actually give any decent reasons why.

In a recent article I read, chief executive of the Dietitians Association of Australia Claire Hewat calls the Paleo lifestyle a "fad diet" and says, "Some proponents of Paleo suggest we avoid all grains, legumes, certain dairy products, conventionally raised meats, non-organic produce and genetically modified and processed foods. This simply isn't practical for many Australians and any diet excluding whole food groups should raise suspicions."

Firstly paleo is a hell of a lot more than what she just put into that little sentence and if its a fad diet it's the oldest one in the world. And secondly, thats the basis of the whole argument - "It simply isn't practical" and "Any diet that excludes whole food groups should raise suspicions." Really? Thats all you've got?

And I'm sorry but did she just call keeping tens of thousands of cattle jammed into feedlots up to their knees in faeces and being force fed antibiotics "conventionally raised"? Last time I checked conventionally raised cattle were raised in fields, eating grass like they have done for thousands of years. And did she seriously say that people should be comfortable eating genetically modified and processed foods? Like those are a better choice for you than (god forbid) not eating bread?

Then they refer people to the Standard Australian Diet dogma (which is based on what works for the Department of Agriculture and politics, not on science whatsoever by the way) and which we as a general population have been following for a decade. And lets not even get into the recently exposed low fat debate which was indeed based on science, but the very worst kind. The kind where scientists get to manipulate their results by completely excluding data in order to suit their purpose.

Albert Einstein said " Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result" Have you looked around recently? How do you think its going for us following the SAD diet? Perhaps its time for a change and perhaps we may get a different result. Perhaps its time to stop listening to leading dieticians who for example, advise parents that a processed milk drink containing 18g sugar is a good substitute for children who don't eat breakfast and start educating ourselves.

The only redeeming factor to any of those articles is the multitudes of people commenting on them as to how changing their diet has changed their lives for the better. How their families are healthier and how they have managed to reduce or completely get off their medication.

So yes, I would say that Paleo is dangerous. It's dangerous to the processed food industry (who give ALOT of money to the Dieticians Association of Australia just by the way), to the pharmaceutical industry and to the medical industry. Nobody is making any money off you when you are healthy. No wonder they are shouting so loudly...

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