The Tribal Mama

home_familyI am a wife and a mom to two wonderful active girls. I work as a health and wellness coach within my husbands chiropractic business, as well as helping my parents run their office supplies business. Any spare time is spent learning as much as I can about my absolute passion – living a long and  healthy life, and the best techniques to coach others to do the same.


Born in Johannesburg, South Africa during the 70’s, my childhood was free from the take-away food institution that is currently the norm across the globe. My closest memory of take-away is fish and chips wrapped in newspaper from the local cafe around the corner. Despite this, as a child I suffered a constant cold, recurring ear infections, digestive issues and headaches. As a result, and probably also an artefact of the time, I was prescribed countless courses of antibiotics, leading to a sulpha allergy (a common ingredient in antibiotics back then) by the time I reached my early twenties.


The ear infections faded in time, but the digestive issues and headaches (now migraines) followed me into adulthood, accompanied by weight issues. To combat the seemingly stubborn weight, I relied on a rigorous and intensive exercise routine and survived on minimal amounts of food through fad diets, including a variety of weight loss meals and shakes. And sure, it left me slim in my twenties and overweight (as opposed to obese) in my thirties, but that was only achieved by constantly dieting, counting calories, weighing myself and agonising about my weight gain.

It seemed that every time I went off a diet and tried to go back to eating “normally” I just gained weight and then battled to get it off again. The addition of the iPhone into my repertoire just made the calorie counting more obsessive. On top of this, as my immune system was so damaged from my eating habits and history of antibiotics, I would constantly be sick. Despite a lot of work in this area, my immune system is something I still struggle with and am slowly building up over time.


Following our introduction to the Paleo lifestyle while trying to resolve The Sportsfan’s behavioural and concentration difficulties, I suddenly had energy like I’d never had before! I lost about 10 kg’s without dieting, excessive exercise regime or calorie counting obsession in sight. Additionally my migraines disappeared and digestive issues completely cleared up. I was hooked!


Two years on and the weight has not returned. In fact I give no consideration to my weight at all. My new focus is simply on healing my gut from years of antibiotics and bad food choices, and most importantly keeping myself strong and healthy so I can enjoy my family.  After all of that I now realise that the majority share of my health problems were caused by food intolerance and in making better food choices now, my body has and continues to heal itself.


After seeing the improvements in health and well-being in my family and others who have changed their lifestyle, I have become so passionate about learning more and spreading the message to other families. Your body is amazing and self healing; all you have to do is provide the right environment for it to do so. I hope the information and the insights I share here, on how we handle the challenges of being a busy Primal family, can make it a little easier for you to do so too!


Yvette (The Tribal Mama).