I’m writing this to the person that thinks, ” What’s happening, why isn’t my weight loss attempts working for me” 

In my younger years I never had a weight problem. I never went on a diet, in fact weight fell off me. Well, that was then and this now!

Twenty five years married, two kids and a food indulgent lifestyle. I tried everything, but I could not understand why I wasn’t losing any weight!
 I told myself I eat the right foods, my portion control was ok, I exercised four days a week so I must be healthy?? Right?…So why wasn’t I losing the weight?

I’ve known Yvette for over ten years. We would talk about my health and attempts to lose weight and she would listen to me over and over, talking about the same old things.
I watched her lifestyle change and was impressed in the changes in her and her whole family.
I asked her to help me, I needed to make changes.

I choose to start with the 30 day Back to Basics challenge with her. I needed to break it down, find the right path for me. Yvette asked me to show her what exactly I ate, drank and what exercise I was doing for a week and then she showed me a eating plan that worked within my lifestyle.
 I never feel hungry, had so many options, and best of all I started to feel fantastic!

I started to notice and be aware of my body and how it recovered after exercise ( my joints and muscles didn’t hurt as much), my tummy didn’t hurt anymore and the best thing was, people started to notice and would ask me “What are you doing with yourself, you’ve lost weight! Your skin and eyes look great!” And guess what!! I feel so good!!!

The best thing with working with Yvette is her knowledge, her non judgmental approach and how she supports me. If I’m unsure of something I know I can contact her and she will walk me through a night out at a restaurant, shopping for groceries or just cooking at home.

Thank you Yvette, I’m so grateful. I feel my journey so far is only the beginning

Jan Tizzone

I have known Yvette for about 4 years and have seen how first hand her approach to food and wellness has had a positive effect on her and her family.

Having been overweight my whole adult life and tried numerous fad diets to lose the weight and lost large amounts, then stop the diet to only put it all back on plus interest was frustrating and depressing.

I approached Yvette for help, as I knew that I had to change my thinking towards the food I ate and get my life back on track as I could feel myself spiralling out of control.

Before I started the program Yvette had the approach of seeing exactly what my week of food and exercise looked like. This gave her insight to what a typical week was for me. Let me tell you the week I started was chaos! Three evening meetings, plus running a house.

Yvette didn’t judge me or make me feel inadequate. She saw what I ate, gave honest observations and outlined a course of action to start living a healthy life. She also made suggestions of planning my food preparation for the week, and let me make choices of what whole foods I wanted to eat.

I was given options on how to do this, a slower approach of cutting out one negative food, or go hardcore and get back to my bodies true baseline.
For me, I’m the type of personality that is all in or nothing, so doing the Back to Baseline was the only option for me.

Most people ask me isn’t that too hard to do? Honestly. The answer is no. I had so much choice in food to eat that I never ate boring; I didn’t count calories and always felt full. Cravings were minimal as I always had a whole food option to combat it, and was satisfied with food choices I could make. I never felt like I was missing out on anything.

After the 30 days, I have started to introduce food back into my life. Yvette has been there for me the whole way, and has explained to me how foods can make my body react. She also tells me of how others have reacted to certain foods, so that I am fully aware of what to expect. This has been so helpful, as I now know what the real normal feels like.

My decision to change to a diet of whole foods has completely changed the way I look at food. I didn’t make any announcements of what I was doing, but I have had so many people ask me if I am doing something different. My body is ever changing, and I am feeling more energised and getting happier every day. And people are noticing.

I am very grateful to Yvette for her help, as I know that I am well supported, and changes I have made are a lifelong change and not a fad.

Sandra Eley