The Sportsfan

thesportsfanThis is my eldest daughter, The Sportsfan. She loves her family, her friends, our dog Cinnamon, music and sport. Any sport really, but her passion is basketball.


Until a few years ago, The Sportsfan was the annoying child in the schoolyard. She struggled with friendships, schoolwork and her teachers thought she had ADHD. She was tested to be three years behind in mathematics and two years behind in reading and spelling. She is by nature a funny, cheerful little thing and so for the outside world she put on a happy, brave face and carried on as if she was fine. At home however, she would have long talks with us about how sad it all made her feel. The last straw for her was not making a district basketball team that all her teammates got on to. She simply could not concentrate on the plays the coach was asking her to do. That night, sitting on her bed in tears, she told us that she had enough of the way her life was going. At ten years old she had decided she wanted to change and she needed us to help her do it.


After seeing my younger brothers’ battles with ADHD meds we knew we were not prepared to go down the road of medicating our beautiful girl and so Dr B and I started researching improving concentration and behaviour through nutrition. Our road eventually led to the Paleo diet and we cleared out our cupboards of processed foods, gluten, grains and diary and stocked them up with grassfed meat, fresh veggies and fruit.


Within a week, The Sportsfans teachers had noticed a difference in her ability to concentrate and stay on task. The following year when she trialed for the basketball team that she had missed out on the year before she not only made the team, she made the next selection cut also and went on to play in the State championships as Captain of her squad. A year later, a happy confident child with a great group of friends, she headed to high school with a B average in mathematics, science and English, excited about the future and the possibilities it holds for her. She continues to be our inspiration and is passionate about learning about health and spreading the message of wellness to other kids and their parents.


You can hear The Sportsfan being interviewed by her absolute hero’s, The Wellness Guys here :