The Little Princess

thelittleprincessThe Little Princess is the baby of the family. She loves dancing, tutus, princesses , Bubble Guppies and her family and friends. She is gorgeous, funny and sweet natured most of the time, but has also been described by one of her kindergarten teachers as “The most single minded, strong willed child I have ever had the pleasure to teach”.


The Little Princess had a bit of a rough introduction to the world, being admitted into hospital at four weeks old for bacterial meningitis. Despite all the terrible statistics to the contrary and her contracting bronchiolitis whilst we were there, we left the hospital six weeks later with our baby. That little stubborn streak that refused to give in to the disease and willed her to keep fighting still stays with her today. The other thing that saved her life, six different doses of antibiotics, also left their mark. Our Little Princess was severely immuno-compromised and allergic to a plethora of different things.


Whilst researching our new whole foods lifestyle, we found a link in the importance of gut health to immune issues and allergies. We started supplementing The Little Princess’s primal diet with fermented foods and probiotics and now at four years old she is no longer allergic to anything and very rarely gets sick.