Lifestyle Coaching


Lifestyle coaching or health and wellness coaching helps you and your family achieve better health, and a more active lifestyle with less pain and discomfort. It gives you accountability, support, information, skills and the tools required to achieve your physical and emotional health goals for life, not just for now.


We each get only one chance to live the fullest, most wonderful life we can. Are you doing that? Are your kids doing that?

Do you suffer with headaches, digestive issues, aches and pains, a general feeling of being unwell or struggling to lose weight and keep it off for good?
Do you have a child that struggles to concentrate, control their behaviour or simply sit still?
Have you tried getting help from other channels but are just not getting answers that work for your life until you feel you are just not being heard, imagining your problems or going crazy?
What if I told you that the exact same steps that are going to help you lose weight, feel energised, healthy, strong and wake up each morning ready to face the day can also help your kids do better in school, get sick less often or assist with behavioural and concentration issues in children prone to those.Working together I will support you to experience growth, improved health, increased happiness and more fulfilment from daily life by making small changes one step at a time to yield immediate but lasting sustainable results. And taking back the control for you or your child to live their life to the fullest.


Although our strategies can help anyone to achieve their ideal body weight and live a more active, healthy, happy life I am especially passionate about helping families with children who struggle with concentration, behaviour and impulsivity and mums who are worn out, overweight and struggling with their health.
Why is that? Because until a couple of years ago that was my kid. It was also my brother and when I was a child, it was me. I was also that mum, who was carrying more weight than I should have been, that had tried every diet and weight loss shake without success. That struggled with chronic headaches, digestive problems, felt like I could fall back into bed half an hour after I got up and always put myself and my own health last. And then we found a strategy that worked for all of us and changed our lives around! And I got so excited about that, that I couldn’t stop learning more. And the more I learned, the more certain I became that this information needed to be shared so that other families and kids could benefit from the knowledge.


Every consultation and frequency of subsequent appointments will vary from person to person as they are completely individual and based around you and your goals. However there are a few things that every client can expect from their time.
Before your first consultation you will be provided with a Health Questionnaire which I prefer to have back at least a day before your appointment.
Together we establish your most important health goals, prioritise them and formulate a plan to accomplish them. Although we always start with nutrition first, that plan would include looking at all aspects of your life in order to formulate a holistic, sustainable and achievable outcome for you.


Consultations as a once off $60.00
6 week Intensive Booking $450.00

Intensive bookings include a once a week face to face consultation plus contact on a daily basis as and when required via Facebook or e-mail to assist you to meet your goals