Health improvements after removing gluten is all in your head

By: The Tribal Mama

May 22, 2014


There has been a lot of media attention recently debunking the gluten theory and gluten free diets in general. Big headlines with lots of exclamations marks are showing up in Facebook news feeds and online news sites encouraging us to throw away our stupid made-up non-coelic gluten sensitivity theory and tuck into a large plate of pasta.   If that simply referred to packaged "gluten-free" food I wouldn't have a problem with it. That stuff is bad for you, loaded with additives and sugar and you shouldn't eat it. But as far as bringing wheat and grains back into my diet? Let me tell you why I won't be doing that and then you can click here to have Mark Sisson explain the rest...

The one ( yes, just one) study that is being sited in these cases found that when researchers isolated the gluten protein in wheat and gave it to a group of IBS patients it did not exacerbate their symptoms. If the same group ate wheat however, they would get worse. Now unless you have a job in a science lab I'm not sure how you are going to isolate your gluten from your wheat and just eat the gluten, or why you would even want to do that. I know that the majority of the rest of the world just has to eat their wheat as it comes. And doing that, even according to this particular study being thrown about, will still make you feel crappy. Note that the study also did not measure anything else other than digestive symptoms, so other health issues found linked to gluten or grain sensitivity were not measured or looked at.

Over and above other scientific research showing health improvements on a wheat free/grain free diet, there has been a ton of anecdotal evidence from people worldwide who have had amazing results. We all know you can't believe everything you read on the Internet so I include myself, my family and my clients who have seen improvements like weightloss, reduction and removal of joint pain and inflammation, improvements in mood and energy levels, no more headaches and migraines, drastic improvements in digestion, gassiness, bloating and constipation, clearer skin and eyes as well as improvements in skin conditions, in concentration and behaviour and the list goes on. And that is just the people I know personally!

So to be quite honest, I have enough evidence in what I have seen with my own eyes to never consider going back to eating wheat or even grains for the most part, or recommend it to anybody. If you are one of the many people who have found improvements to your health by removing grains I would love to hear your story.

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