Dear Daycare Party Bag Mom, thanks for nothing…

By: The Tribal Mama

July 1, 2014


We don't have issues usually with The Little Princess and refined sugar. She doesn't beg for sugary treats when we go grocery shopping, its not in our house and for the most part she has no idea what the different sweets even are. The only time she really comes into contact with sugary, refined foods is at her friends birthday parties - the one place where she has the choice to eat those foods or not with no interference from us. We give advise if she asks, perhaps guide her to which foods may be healthier but ultimately she can eat whatever she likes.

On those special occasions we as a family accept that there might be a rough afternoon or evening ahead, and we use that as a teaching opportunity for her. If she is moody, tired, has a tummy ache or throws a tantrum we give a gentle reminder about the earlier sugar or processed food and make the link in her mind. At a party she will now generally completely skip the cake, have couple of licks of a lollipop (and then carry it around until she gets tired of that and give it to me to "hold") and perhaps have a bite of a gummy lolly. Party bag lollies which for some reason cause more of an issue with her (perhaps because they come back into our house and hang around) usually get forgotten for a second in the excitement of going home and we can make the sweets inside disappear while the toys or stickers remain behind. And thats about it. All in all, that whole process works great for us.
With the exception of one little unplanned things that keeps rearing its ugly head in the middle of our school week. The ultimate pain in the rear end of every mom who chooses not to feed their child sugar... the Childcare Communication Pocket Party Bag Bomb!

Today, walking up the corridor of the daycare excited to fetch The Little Princess after a long day, I was distracted by the clamouring of two little girls arguing with their mother in front of the communication pockets. I glanced over at the frazzled looking lady and then I saw the pockets looking suspiciously full and with just a little bit of coloured plastic peeping over the top. Party Bag Bomb!I knew then that unless I did some quick thinking my day was about to get decidedly worse.

Because instead of picking up my daughter, getting a big hug and walking to the car hand in hand talking about all the wondrous things she did at daycare that day, we would be debating about what she could eat in that bloody party bag, how much she could eat, when she could eat it and then living with the tantrummy, moody, not-wanting-to-go-to-sleep-at-bedtime-because-she-is-too-jacked-up-on-sugar consequences. So thanks for nothing Party Bag Mom! I appreciate the thought that you want us all to celebrate the birth of your child, but I would rather not celebrate your childs birthday by fighting with mine.

In The Little Princess's Kindy class (which she attends a few days each week) parents were asked to rather not bring sweets for birthdays, Easter or Christmas as so many parents are making the decision either for health or allergy reasons not to give their kids sugar, colours and preservatives. I would like to start a movement where at the very least, instead of just dumping sweets in the children's pockets for the kids to see, parents leave the bag with the teacher who can discreetly check with each parent on collection whether they would like a party bag or not. I would like the opportunity to decide whether my child eats the contents of a party bag before she sees it and decides for herself, resulting in massive and epic tantrum that only a four year old can have when I don't necessarily agree with her.

While I was standing there in front of the pockets with my mind going a hundred miles a minute trying to figure out how I was going to weasel out of this one with The Little Princess, I was taken pity upon by another mom who was leaving. She had already had her Party Bag Bomb panic attack and saw another sister in the same boat. To you (you know who you are) thank you for sneakily putting the party bag in your bag and offering to bin it with yours. You are a freaking rock star! If I can ever bin a party bag for you anytime at all, you just let me know!

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