By: The Tribal Mama

December 13, 2013


Do you suffer from leg swelling, joint pain, migraine headaches, depression or acid reflux? Do your children struggle with concentration & sitting still, or perhaps you are just finding it difficult to lose weight? Did you know that often all of these symptoms can be relieved or completely disappear when you simply remove wheat from your diet? In the members of our family who have given up wheat (which includes our little foursome, plus two grandmas, a grandpa, and an uncle) we have personally found the following -improved concentration and focus, ability to calm and sleep easier, relief with migraines, joint pain, upset stomachs, constipation and bloating, heartburn, itchy legs (Grandad and my first indication that we have ingested wheat without knowing is that this pesky symptoms rears it's head-and we are not related by blood so it's not "genetic") and more, and all of us who needed to lose weight have done so. Granny C has lost an amazing three dress sizes doing nothing more than cutting out wheat! This post by Chef Pete Evans from Australian Masterchef is in essence a plug for his new book which I am really looking forward to. Most of his usual recipe posts are Paleo and amazingly delicious. Why I am sharing it here though is that he got Dr William Davis, the preventative cardiologist who wrote the number one best seller Wheat Belly, to review it and in the process he gives a very concise, easy to understand breakdown about why the wheat today is not your great grandmothers wheat, how it affects our body and why we should not be eating it. If you do nothing more for health today just do it and consider it. And you have given up wheat already I'd love to hear of any changes in your health you have found.

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