Welcome to our primal journey!

We are a family of four who have vastly improved our health and well-being through changing our eating, exercise and general lifestyle habits for the better by getting back to basics!

Two years ago, my eldest daughter, The Sportsfan, was struggling with concentration and behavioural issues daily. Feeling really down and fed up with her behaviour and the consequences thereof on her academics, sport and social life, she asked us for help and immediately we started researching. Little did we know that our daughters attempt to better her life would change all of our lives for the better. We found through our research that gluten, sugar and dairy could affect behaviour and in looking for recipes free of those products we stumbled across the Paleo lifestyle - no gluten, grains, legumes, processed food, refined sugar or dairy (although we have reintroduced a little dairy now). It was daunting to say the least but changes in her were miraculous, and as we transitioned over we noticed unexpected changes in the rest of the family too.

Our family of four consists of me The Tribal Mama, my husband Dr B, and our daughters The Sportsfan (aged twelve) and The Little Princess (aged four). Within our family we have been able to resolve weight, immunity, behaviour, concentration, migraine and allergy issues among other things, simply by making better choices about what we put into our bodies, on our bodies and the way we use our bodies. Check out the About section to find more details on each one of our wellness journeys!

Not wanting to keep all this good stuff to ourselves, I’ll be using The Tribal Mama to share practical gluten, grain and refined sugar free recipes, as well as give insights into health and exercise information. I hope that through sharing our version of what it's like living a Primal lifestyle in a busy family with two working parents and very active kids, we may help you along your own wellness journey with your family.

The Tribal Mama